Turnkey business in the field of industrial heating

Turnkey business  in the field of industrial heating
Expert broker de afaceri - Cosmina Sandu
Business Broker Expert
Cosmina Sandu
Brașov - Romania
+4 0755 548 634
Selling price: 1.200.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 171.929 EURO
Real Estate Value 954.000 EURO
Operating profit (EBITDA) 3.995 EURO
County / City: Carei
Country: Romania

Short description

We propose to buy a business that is  based on innovative solutions in the  field of industrial heating, with over  25 years of experience  in the field.

 Main areas  of activity:

Solutions and equipment for industrial heating  www.calorset.com

Solutions and equipment for road repairs  www.reparatiidrumuri.com

Solutions and equipment for waste treatment trataredeseuri.com
What do you actually buy?

Time: You save time creating a business  system like this.

Silence: Get rid of the effort made to realize the system and testing  equipment.

You get the safety of a  time-tested and sustainable business.

Transition details

The current  owner is also  looking for a financial and / or strategic partner for  the purpose of developing the business.  He intends  , through the investments made with his future partner, to perform  internationally.

The success of this business also lies in  the contribution of information and expertise that the  investor can bring.  At the same time, it matters to what extent the investor, through his own team or through those he  can co-opt from  his ecosystem, can facilitate access to potential customers  or partners, it can increase business visibility and can promote and support the next rounds of investment.
The investment opportunity  is achievable  starting from  500k euros.

If you are an entrepreneur determined to dedicate his time and skill to  such a  business and you have the necessary resources and patience, you will enjoy the appreciation of a profitable  business , with uniqueness on the Romanian market.

Sound good?  

Are you interested?  Let's  talk!

Products and Services

What does it offer?

The equipment designed and manufactured by this company, largely innovative, is mainly intended for use in three important areas:

Industrial heating in order to increase energy efficiency and improve technological processes

(radiant tubes, compact submerged tubes, hot water preparers, hot air generators, furnaces, etc.)

Thermal treatment of waste in order to capitalize them energetically or as a fertilizer (drum dryers with heat transfer by radiation)
Road repairs in order to achieve preventive maintenance through emergency interventions including in cold weather. ( machines for filling pits using IR- infrared technology )

In  2007  the company became the  producer of all radiant tube components under the license of THERMIGAS France.  Starting with  2008 and until  now, he has realized an extensive investment program in research and development activities,  modernization and endowment in such a way whereas today it  is able to hand over   turnkey investments of great magnitude, both in the  field of industrial heating  and in the field of industrial machinery and equipment  that have the welded garments base, power, command and automation electrical installations, pressure/ vacuum installations,  pneumatic/hydraulic installations.

In 2008 the company decided to acquire a production base in Carei: Land 5,476 sqm with building with about 1600 sqm with various specific equipment.
Machinery and equipment for:

Wig Welding,   Mig/Mag Welding,  Spot Welding, Oxyfuel Welding,  Mechanical Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Laser  Cutting  , Drilling, Milling, Turning,  Rolling, Bending,  Bending,  Pressing, Drawing, Sanding,   Electrostatic Painting, Aluminum Casting

 Quality management  system: - Certification in accordance with ISO 9001


Monoblock hall (main hall and 6 workshops attached to it) - 1,452 sqm Administrative annex p+1 - 360 sqm
Annex for delegated/protocol accommodation - 149 sqm

 ISU  operating authorization  together with all the other authorizations and  operating permits imposed by  law anti-burglary system   with central with sensors,  video monitoring with  fast interventions security and protection company:

 own transformer  400kVA
access to sewerage with separate internal network for collection and tartation of technological liquids
access to natural gas supply  at pressure 100mbbars
 concrete  plateau  with the  possibility of returning heavy trucks
 landscaped green  space
 perimeter delimitation  with fence
access to two main streets
 large parking  in front of the property
land with  expansion possibilities
8km from  Urziceni- Vallaj customs
 quick access  to the highway
in the near future, the second belt of Carei city is to be built nearby
industrial area  without restrictions

Tangible and intangible assets

Construction facilities  :

2t gantry crane,
general lighting installation  ,
electric switchboard of command and automation force with automatic  reactive energy compensation system,
elctric installation  220 V and 380 V with distribution throughout  the  perimeter of the main hall  and in workshops
radiant  tube  heating system,
compressed air  provided with KAESER compressor and 12mc buffer  container
compressed air network with points of use  throughout the perimeter of the hall,
water network for technological needs along the entire length of the hall,
sewerage including for technological needs along the entire length of the hall,
capacities of execution of metallic confections by cutting pipes and profiles with ribbon saw, cutting the sheet with guillotine and plasma, bending sheet,landing, Mig / Mag welding, with electrode, VIG, machining by cutting (turning, drilling, milling), liquid painting in electrostatic field with filter wall, etc.

In the last 5 years, the company has also invested heavily in the research / innovation / design activity in such a way that today the company is able to realize high-performance products that meet some requirements of improvement in various applications.

From the point of view of the profit history, due to the investments made for this activity, for the allocated period, the rate of consistency between the revenues and the realized profit is low.

What did you include?  Complete package for:

Design and execution:                                         Custom execution  :
space heating equipment                                        - Welded metal constructions
hot water preparation equipment                             - Cutting processing 
technological heating equipment                             - Execution of aluminum  castings
pressure vessels                                                      - Electrical, gas, pneumatic, hydraulic automation
equipment for road repairs
auger conveyors
belt  conveyors etc

Market and development potential

Why would I buy the business?

 Competitive advantages  of the business:

25 years of experience in the field of industrial heating
specialization on a very wide spectrum of areas of industrial heating
manufacturers with experience and capabilities also in providing  support services   for technical consultancy, design, installation / assembly, commissioning, service
owns the know-how regarding  the design and manufacture of Premix burners
uses   radiation heating both in the case of space  heating  and in the technological field
the solutions offered are innovative and    are based on experience, research and testing activity on prototypes equipped 
capabilities of rapid adapters of  heat  transmission technology by radiation in various industrial fields.

 Competitive advantages  of the buyer:

 High  development potential  - the business is relatively easy to expand in the future through new products, territorial expansion, marketing.
 Unique  business niche  that has little competition.
The business  is sold as a  complete package being absolutely everything included - the company, assets,  key partners, suppliers, customers, employees, branding, social-media, opinions and authorizations, plans development.  The company sells  without debts.
 Real  business  management  capabilities  conferred by: over 25 years  of   experience in the field,  well-trained technical staff, facilities and technologies corresponding to a  impeccable quality.
Support and transfer of know-how from the owner
When advertising a business for sale, the person doing this advertising has the professional obligation to keep the business's and shareholders' information confidential. Therefore, data fields marked N/A can only be disclosed by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Detailed information

Business established on 2022-11-18
Turnover from previous years 167.260 EURO
Trademark 20.000 EURO
Goodwill 270.000 EURO
Seller/bank financing 0 EURO
Approximate inventory 180.400 EURO
Inventory included in price Yes
Number of Employees 12
Support and training Yes
Reason for sale Retirement of the administrator

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