About us

We are part of the most prestigious international business brokerage association, and we have the vision of a Romania with educated entrepreneurs!

What are we doing?

We support you in all stages of selling, buying and transferring a business, from the moment the idea of selling or buying had barely sprouted until the final signature on the documents concluding the transfer of the business.

Our team of professional and experienced business brokers helps you navigate safely through all the stages, from promoting the business for sale to the relationship and negotiations with a buyer. Brokers also handle financial and legal analysis, due diligence, and coordination of all accounting and legal operations that ensure that your goals are met.

With us, you meet your business goals, reduce stress in your professional life, and make sure that your business or money is in good hands!



We help you sell or buy a business, using a few key elements that, together, form a true business ecosystem:

  • Specialists in the field, with experience both nationwide and worldwide
  • Digital infrastructure, which drastically reduces the possibility of human error
  • Reliable partners in Romania, Europe and the United States of America
With us, you reach your goals in a shorter time and in the safest way!


Selling, buying and transferring businesses are normal and necessary stages in the life of any entrepreneur. We want to help as many business people as possible to expand their entrepreneurial horizons and create a healthy, dynamic and prosperous business environment together.

Our team

TradeX superstars are our brokers!

They have experience and passion for business, as well as legal, financial and entrepreneurial knowledge, so they can ensure the success of any business transfer!
International Business Brokers Association helps us educate Romanian entrepreneurs, through a Licensing Agreement issued exclusively for the use, adaptation and delivery of their courses at a preferential price. The diplomas we offer are recognized anywhere in the world.
Transeo, the strongest association of specialists in business transfer, made up of representatives of the private, public and academic environment. Together, we organized the Business Transfer Conference in Bucharest, attended by 38 specialists from 14 European countries, US and Canada.
STOB Regions, a program launched by the EU with working groups from 8 countries. Together we suggest measures and policies to facilitate the transfer of businesses at a European level.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, our reliable partner since the beginning of our activity, supports us in educating entrepreneurs in the field of business transfer. Together, we organize various seminars, the School of Business Brokerage and we can offer a very wide range of business consulting services.