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Online Store and Metal Workshop for Ornamental Products for Sale in Bucharest, Romania
Selling price : 67300
Annual profit : 19607
City : Sector 2
County : București

We hereby present you a metal workshop for sale, located in Romania, currently in the development stage, which produces decorative, ornamental metal products and cardboard boxes. The company has been…

Security systems company for sale
Selling price : 680000
Annual profit : 409777
City : Baia-Mare
County : Maramureș

Our offer includes a business for sale in the field of security and telecommunications systems, with a complex activity, which covers several sectors of this field: design, installation, and maintenance…

Online lingerie store
Selling price : 257000
Annual profit : 17147
City : Brașov
County : Brașov

We hereby present you a functional business for sale, with two complementary components: online store - with national coverage - and a wholesale and retail warehouse, with a contract for…

Hotel de vanzare in Arada
Selling price : 5000000
Annual profit : 300000
City : Arad
County : Arad

Today we present a business for sale located in western Romania, which benefits from an international brand and a good reputation on the local market. Strategically located in the heart…

Gelaterie de vânzare
Selling price : 1000000
Annual profit : 182364
City : Târgu-Mureș
County : Mureș

Attractiveness, variety, and constant innovation are the keys to the success of this business for sale.

Our offer includes a business for sale, focused on the production and marketing…

Selling price : 600000
Annual profit : 34.069
City : Brasov
County : Brasov

Today we propose for sale a turnkey business in the cosmetic / pharmaceutical industry, located in Brasov.

The turnkey factory proposed for sale produces and distributes cosmetic and parapharmaceutical products…

Selling price : 60000
Annual profit : 74363
City : Codlea
County : Brasov
A profitable business in the field of retail wine shops.
The business is made up of several wine cellars, where they can sell a wide range of bulk
Selling price : 1060000
Annual profit : N/A
City : Brașov
County : Brașov

We hereby present you a business for sale, with headquarters located in Brașov, being one of the main competitors…

Selling price : 3000000
Annual profit : 660000
City : Brasov
County : Brasov

Just minutes from the route leading to the Cascada and the 7 Stairs Canyon (rehabilitated in 2015) and on the route of the Piatra Mare Massif, the resort for sale…

Selling price : 100000
Annual profit : N/A
City : Brasov
County : Brasov

Today we present an investment offer: a business for sale in the field of hospitality / F&B, located in the center…