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    Total value of businesses for sale332.281.553 EURO Average value of a business for sale1.620.886 EURO Total turnover for listed businesses2.096.447.221 RON Total employees of listed businesses4.454

Hotel for sale in Oradea
Promoted business

Selling price: 3.800.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 430.625 EURO
County / City: Oradea
Country: Romania
Elegant 4 star hotel for sale in Oradea, centrally positioned, offering luxury services for both customers - businessmen and tourists


Fully functional textile laundry in Brasov

Selling price: 50.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 37.399 EURO
County / City: Brașov
Country: Romania
Textile laundry for sale in Brasov in a space of 100 sqm + additional spaces (kitchen, bathroom, storage space and office), rented for a period of 5 years


Energy efficiency assets for sale
Promoted business

Selling price: 127.400 EURO
Annual turnover: N/A
County / City: București
Country: Bucuresti
We present you a great acquisition opportunity: energy efficiency assets for sale! Energy efficiency will be essential for business


Turnkey business - Ophthalmology services with 3 medical optics offices
Promoted business

Selling price: 3.500.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 1.003.447 EURO
County / City: Galați
Country: Romania
Sales business in the field of ophthalmology and medical optics, one of the first providers of medical optics and optometry services in Galați


Facility management company for sale

Selling price: N/A
Annual turnover: 6.600.000 EURO
County / City: N/A
Country: Bulgaria
Business for sale- Management company with a wide variety of activities: facility management, snow removal services, designing and maintenance of green areas etc.
Professional supplier and installer of varied floor coverings

Selling price: 700.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 500.000 EURO
County / City: Flandres
Country: Belgium
Business for sale- floor coverings installation, situated in Belgium close to the French border, the activity can be transferred to another location, high stock
Electricity supplier: Eco-friendly mini-power plants

Selling price: 30.000.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 1.000.000 EURO
County / City: N/A
Country: Germany
Business for sale- power plants, clean energy, 4 patents, various awards
Mobile device company for sale

Selling price: 5.000.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 0 EURO
County / City: N/A
Country: Germany
Mobile device business for sale, European technology company with representation in USA, Germany and China, customized IT device solutions for industrial and retail clients
Profitable office supply trading company for sale

Selling price: 1.400.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 3.000.000 EURO
County / City: N/A
Country: Poland
Profitable business for sale, office supply trading company in Poland, expandable B2B online platform good customer base, high logistics efficiency
Sustainable spray and powder coating technology

Selling price: N/A
Annual turnover: 1.000.000 EURO
County / City: N/A
Country: China
Business for sale in China, sustainable spray and powder coating technology for car companies, entrance on the Chinese market