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How to Sell a Business

To sell a business, it’s very important to understand why do you want to sell your business and how to sell a business. The results of the sale are directly influenced by the ability to make this sale “by the book” and the reasons why you decided to sell the business.

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8. Concluding the Transaction

After the negotiations are over, it is time to sign the sale/purchase contract. Collaborate with your broker, lawyer, or accountant to make sure everything is ready for the business transfer. The contract will be signed at the escrow office, following the instructions...

7. Negotiating Final Terms

Here’s what buyers know or think: You’ve priced your business on your own, based on emotional attachments. The down payment or amount of cash you receive on closing day is practically as important as the overall purchase price. In the end, the price will be determined...

6. How to Identify Qualified Buyers

You may be encouraged by the vast number of potential buyers responding to your business-for-sale ad, but surprisingly, the majority of ad respondents never make a purchase. That’s why it’s important to distinguish the window shoppers from qualified buyers you feel...

5. Documents and Information Required for Selling a Business

If you’re considering selling a business, it’s important to remember that prospective buyers are looking for clear, objective facts that will convince them that your business will be a profitable investment for them. Although they may initially be attracted to your...

4. Determining the Business’ Value

Joke aside, the value of your business is the value that can be absorbed by the market, by a potential buyer. But determining such a price is not easy. There are several ways to evaluate a business, ranging from assets (patrimony) to future profits. Of course, no...

3. Make Sure Everything Is in Order

When your business is listed for sale, you have to be particularly careful that everything looks perfect. In fact, this is the time when an extra effort to keep things in the best shape can really be worth it. Think about it: just like a house that is for sale, you...

2. Selecting Your Sales Team

Selling your business is a huge decision that can affect your entire life. Of course, we all want the best possible outcome from the sale of our business. However, attempting to handle it yourself can be a difficult task. The deal will require meticulous planning,...

1. Selling a Business

Selling your business is the most popular exit strategy for business owners. In some cases, there are no successors who wish to continue the activity; in other cases, the sale was always the company owner's plan to convert the business into liquid assets at a certain...

Business sale in 8 steps


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