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Spa for sale Romania
Selling price : 700000
Annual profit : N/A
City : Marginea
County : Suceava

The Spa Industry in Romania reached, before the pandemic, the annual turnover of 314 million euros, being in continuous exponential growth since 2014.

The Bukovina area is rich in…

Guesthouse for sale Romania
Selling price : 850000
Annual profit : 114624
City : Bran
County : Brașov
The idea of ​​this guesthouse for sale sprouted 5 years ago, when the current owners decided to buy a mountain lodge, with…
Hotel for sale Romania
Selling price : 1250000
Annual profit : 152000
City : Cluj Napoca
County : Cluj

Located at the entrance to Cluj-Napoca, on National Road 1 (European Road 60) from Turda, this hotel for sale was built in 1992, being the first private hotel in Cluj-Napoca…

Grocery store for sale Romania
Selling price : 255099
Annual profit : 295784
City : Slobozia
County : Ialomița

General description

This business represents an investment opportunity in the field of retail, with two components: proximity market with a physical presence, located in the town of Slobozia (Ialomița…

Bakery for Sale Romania
Selling price : 50000
Annual profit : 171186
City : Bucharest
County : District 4

Today we present to you a bakery for sale, located in the 4th District of Bucharest - a great investment opportunity in a dynamic field, which is gaining more and…

PVC panels factory for sale
Selling price : 7142000
Annual profit : 2718456
City : N/A
County : N/A

Business overview

The company shown in this offer represents a true quality benchmark in the segment of aluminum doors, ornamental panels made of PVC, HPL, simple insulating glass or…

Profitable business for sale Romania
Selling price : 5000000
Annual profit : 2861101
City : Bucharest
County : District 2

We hereby present you a profitable business for sale - a company that sells and delivers a wide range of storage solutions, as well as cashier furniture for commercial and…

Companie de transport de vânzare Cluj
Selling price : 336000
Annual profit : 240000
City : Cluj Napoca
County : Cluj

Today we present a company for sale that operates in the field of freight transport, being active on the market for more than 7 years. This transport company for sale…

Distribution company for sale
Selling price : 700000
Annual profit : 651604
City : Bucharest
County : District 1

The company we offer for sale today operates in the field of cosmetics distribution, based in Bucharest, Romania.

Over the years, the company has developed a wide range of…

Haberdashery for Sale
Selling price : 250000
Annual profit : 72590
City : Roman
County : Bacău

We hereby present you a haberdashery for sale, a profitable business, specialized in the retail sale of specialized items, with over 25 years of experience in the field. The haberdashery…