Promoted business for sale

Businesses for sale

Travel agency for sale
Selling price : 257500
Annual profit : -191325
City : Brașov
County : Brașov

We are pleased to present an opportunity in the field of tourism - one of the most active industries in the world, embodied by an independent travel agency for sale,

Restaurant for Sale in Bucharest
Selling price : 250000
Annual profit : 193059
City : Sector 2
County : București

We present you an extraordinary opportunity, a business in the field of hospitality, bar and restaurant for sale, that has been successfully operating for over 5 years.

This business…

Beauty salon for sale
Selling price : 24500
Annual profit : 7000
City : Sector 1
County : București

Are you thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? If you identify with:

  • The passion for a flawless look,
  • The pleasure of working with clients who constantly need your…
Beauty Salon Equipment
Selling price : 14500
Annual profit : 10376
City : Iași
County : Iași

We hereby present you an investment opportunity that consists of acquiring the assets of a company - a beauty salon, currently non-functional and without employees.

All equipment included in…

Advertising agency
Selling price : 300000
Annual profit : 348736
City : Brașov
County : Brașov

We hereby offer you an investment opportunity in an interesting field - an advertising agency for sale, in Brașov, Romania - a profitable, stable business, based on a healthy growth…

Bookstore for sale
Selling price : 5000
Annual profit : 6413
City : Brașov
County : Brașov

The bookstore for sale we present today is located in Brasov and specializes in selling toys and games, books for children of all ages, textbooks, supplies and a wide range…

Pensiune de vânzare
Selling price : 620000
Annual profit : 82548
City : Bestepe
County : Tulcea

The proposed investment opportunity is a guesthouse for sale in one of the most popular tourist areas of Romania: Danube Delta - an area where the number of customers and…

Leather workshop for sale
Selling price : 20000
Annual profit : 2774
City : Brașov
County : Brașov

The handmade natural leather products have a special charm and a large audience in Romania. Thus, we propose for investment a leather workshop for sale, located in Brașov, with a…

Selling price : 550.000
Annual profit : 159000
City : Iași
County : Iași

We hereby present you an investment opportunity in a functional business, with three independent components: a warehouse - with a transferable contract for renting the space, located in the historical…

Selling price : 2000000
Annual profit : 3685000
City : Covasna
County : Covasna

The business idea presented in our offer was founded in 2016 at the initiative of a Romanian entrepreneur with vision and is an ambitious project with an estimated market value…