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Business for sale: non-alchoholic wines
Selling price : 50000
Annual profit : N/A
City : Brașov
County : Brașov

Description of the activity

Exclusive importer and distributor of non-alcoholic wines, activity materialized through an online wine store, still in the start-up phase, with national sales and with the…

Bakery for sale in Romania
Selling price : 49000
Annual profit : 70178
City : N/A
County : Dâmbovița

The business we present today consists of a bakery and a store where customers can enjoy a wide range of products.

The main force behind the business is the…

Online Store for Sale
Selling price : 11000
Annual profit : 17000
City : N/A
County : Bucharest

We are pleased to present an online business, more precisely an online store for sale, focused on the niche of personalized / premium gifts, which sells:

Exchange for sale Romania
Selling price : 5000
Annual profit : N/A
City : Brașov
County : Brașov

We present to you an established business, located on a street with a good ford in the center of Brasov. The exchange for sale operates within a franchise, because for…

Business for sale - mask production Romania
Selling price : 300000
Annual profit : 235117
City : N/A
County : Dolj

Established in 2017 through the Strat-Up Nation program, this business for sale applied in May 2020 to the Regional Operational Program - ROP 2.2 - Supporting the creation and expansion…

hospital and recovery center for sale
Selling price : 2000000
Annual profit : 622000
City : Chișineu-Criș
County : Arad

The company Terapeutica SA, with an activity of almost 20 years, founded in 2003, presents an investment offer in the healthcare industry, which is constantly growing on the Romanian market…

Jewelry for sale Romania
Selling price : 90000
Annual profit : 4354
City : Piatra Neamț
County : Neamț

We present a jewelry for sale: a profitable business in a niche field, with a special creativity - the manufacture of jewelry and similar items from metals and precious stones…

Tourist complex for sale in Romania
Selling price : 1950000
Annual profit : 35284
City : Brașov
County : Brașov

We hereby offer for sale an attractive business in Romania, Transylvania, in the city of Brașov: a hotel and commercial tourist complex, established in 2004.

Located in the heart…

Construction company for sale in Romania
Selling price : 150000
Annual profit : 800000
City : N/A
County : Ialomița

We hereby offer for sale or investment / attracting partners a company specialized in the execution of water and sewerage works, which operates in the Dobrogea area of Romania.

Business for sale event planning
Selling price : 400000
Annual profit : 235522
City : Bucharest
County : Bucharest

An active supplier of 10 years of event organization, predominantly B2B, this business for sale operates as an importer and distributor of latex balloons, foil balloons and decoration accessories and…