Wooden House Manufacturing & Exporting Business with real-estate property and Complete Factory

Wooden House Manufacturing & Exporting Business with real-estate property and Complete Factory
Expert broker de afaceri - Marius Petrea
Business Broker Expert
Marius Petrea
Bacău - Romania
+40 751 504 018
Selling price: 806.500 EURO
Annual turnover: 139.288 EURO
Real Estate Value 400.000 EURO
Operating profit (EBITDA) 17.884 EURO
County / City: Simleu Silvaniei
Country: Romania

Short description

We provide you with a reliable company specializing in the manufacture and export of wooden houses. We are dedicated to build high-quality, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing homes that meet the needs and preferences of our customers around the world.

Our business prides itself on owning an extensive real estate property located in a scenic and accessible area. Situated on a generous floor area, this property comprises both production premises as well as administrative offices and side-facilities. We have a modern and efficient design, adapted to the specific needs of wooden house manufacturing.

Our factory is fully equipped and has all the necessary machines in the field, mainly of German production. From woodworking and precision cutting of parts, to assembly and final finishing of houses, we have all the resources needed to produce strong and durable structures. Our high-performance equipment allows us to manufacture high-quality wooden houses, tailored to the individual requirements and specifications of each customer.

Products and Services

1. Wooden houses:
We manufacture and export a variety of wooden houses, which are made with great attention to detail and to the exact specifications of our customers. We offer traditional and modern wooden houses, adapted to individual needs and preferences. Each house is built with superior quality materials and advanced wood construction techniques, thus ensuring durability, comfort and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

2. Laminated wood carpentry:
In addition to wooden houses, we manufacture and export laminated wood joinery, including windows, doors, balustrades and other finishing elements. Our joinery is manufactured with care and precision, using high-quality laminated wood that provides superior strength and durability. Our joinery products are designed to improve the appearance and functionality of wooden homes, ensuring a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation.


1. Design:
We work closely with our customers to precisely understand their needs and preferences when it comes to log homes and laminated wood joinery. Our team of design specialists use the latest technology and software to create detailed plans and models that provide a realistic view of the finished project. We design custom homes, adapted to the terrain and technical specifications of each individual client, ensuring that each home meets quality requirements and standards.

2. Production:
With a fully equipped factory and experienced woodworking technicians, we manufacture log houses and laminated wood joinery according to our clients' approved designs and specifications. We use only high-quality wood and advanced construction techniques to ensure the strength and durability of our products. The production process is carefully supervised to ensure that each stage is carried out properly and that all quality standards are met.

3. Selling to the market:
We have a strong presence on the markets of Romania, Germany, Spain and other countries in the world. We work with local agents and distributors to promote and sell our products. We have a customer-oriented approach and offer customized solutions for each market. Our sales team is committed to providing professional services and ensuring that customers' requirements and needs are fully met. We are also open to exploring new markets and developing partnerships with new customers and distributors.

Tangible and intangible assets

1. Land - 6746 sq m
2. Industrial hall - 1744 sq m
3. House + Offices - 178 sq m

Market and development potential

The market in which we operate in Germany through the Order of Architects offers significant potential for development and opportunities in the field of wooden construction. Being involved in this market since the 90's, having old and stable customers, our business already has a competitive advantage and a high level of trust in the market.

The German timber construction market:
Germany stands out as one of the European countries with the most developed and appreciated wooden construction industry. There is a long tradition and a strong culture of using wood as a building material due to its ecological, aesthetic and durability benefits. Wooden houses are valued for their durable features, energy efficiency and attractive design. In the German market, there is a significant demand for such houses, both for individual residences and for commercial and infrastructure projects.

Development potential:
Considering the old customers we have in Germany and the connections established through the Order of Architects, our business has considerable potential for development in this market. You can take advantage of existing relationships and the reputation we have built over time to expand your client base and win new projects. You can also diversify your services and address a wider range of clients, such as real estate developers, public institutions and other companies in the construction industry.

Market trends and increased demand:
In recent years, the demand for wooden houses in Germany has increased significantly, due to the growing concern for sustainability, thermal comfort and special aesthetics. The German government promotes green and energy-efficient building policies, which creates a favorable environment for the development and growth of your business.
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Detailed information

Business established on 2004-03-01
Turnover from previous years 298.124 EURO
Trademark 0 EURO
Goodwill 10.000 EURO
Seller/bank financing 0 EURO
Approximate inventory 400.000 EURO
Inventory included in price Yes
Number of Employees 10
Support and training Yes
Reason for sale Retirement

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