Travel Agency for Sale in Romania

Travel agency for sale in Brașov
City : Brașov
County : Brașov
Selling price : 257500
Annual profit : -191325
Annual turnover : 511452
Total Real Estate Equity : N/A

We are pleased to present an opportunity in the field of tourism - one of the most active industries in the world, embodied by an independent travel agency for sale, which operates online, through 2 optimized and indexed websites, with 20 years of experience in the market.

Legally organized in the form of a LLC, the company was established in 2001 and generated constant profits in the years of normal activity. 2020 and its specificity of the pandemic represented a challenge for all players in the tourism industry, but this agency managed to withstand the pressures and return "full speed ahead" from the beginning of summer 2021. Through seriousness and promptness, through the quality of the services offered and the customer care policy, the agency - represented by a team of specialists - has imposed itself on the market under a brand respected by both customers and employees. As a business strategy, the company's objectives were achieved by observing and actively participating in market trends by offering customers niche services, which soon became the "flagship" products for the agency, generating constant profits:

  • ticketing - airline tickets issued directly
  • cruise packages - through direct contracts with international cruise companies.

The agency is managed by a single associate who holds an M.B.A., which gave the owner the vision towards the excellence of the services and the efficiency of the business. The agency sought to attract foreign tourists to Romania by participating in international trade fairs in Europe; to the same extent, it has created global tourist packages for Romanian tourists more and more eager to travel. Another direction of development is the business tourism sector, by collaborating with companies that request such services. This way, the client portfolio has expanded each year, being transferable to the future owner.

The agency holds a tourism license and patent, as well as an insurance policy valid until 31.12.2021. Operating exclusively online, the agency can be taken over regardless of the buyer's location, who will benefit from a turnkey business, with modern operational facilities, with online reservation systems, with databases for customers and collaborators / suppliers. It will also take possession of 2 trademarks registered in 2012, which can be extended if the buyer wants to maintain the brand, an aspect that will keep the marketing budget at a very profitable level.

After the relaxation of the anti-Covid-19 measures, the agency's clients resumed their behavior based on the need to relax through travel experiences. Currently, the demand is higher than the 2 employees can manage. Thus, the future owner will be able to successfully continue the development of the business, benefiting from an experienced and already trained team. The company has received approval for financing through a Working Capital Grant and is awaiting the approval of a HoReCa Grant.

Informații detaliate

Business established on 201-11-01
Financing of the seller/banks No
Trademark 30000
Goodwill 50000
Inventory included in the price Yes
Approximate inventory 42405
Support and training Yes
Number of employees 2
Turnover from previous years 2263932
Sale reason The need for family time