Transport Company for Sale - Special Transport by Autotransporter

medium enterpris in the road transport business
City : N/A
County : N/A
Selling price : 1622170
Annual profit : 1757470
Annual turnover : 7914608
Total Real Estate Equity : 1122170

We are pleased to bring to your attention the sale of a commercial activity in the automotive field, with constant profit, part of a family business founded in 1992, which has permanently developed and diversified its areas of activity. Through perseverance, promptness, seriousness and the quality of the services offered, they have managed to create a solid reputation both on the local market and on the European market.

General description:

The business division that is the object of the sale has as object of activity the transport of cars to and from all European countries and is located in the north of Transylvania. However, the activity can be relocated in any area of ​​the country. This transport company for sale is profitable, and is waiting for a new owner, passionate about the automotive field.

In 2006, the direction of the company's development was outlined by creating an integrated system of services offered to existing customers, which started to include the activity of car transport. Thus, since 2007 and until now, this division has shown an organic development, reaching a fleet of 11 trucks, of which 9 manufactured in 2016-2019, with a capacity of 8/9 spots for vehicles each.

Compared to the beginning of the activity, when the orders for transport were mainly provided on the transport exchanges, at this moment there is a customer base with contracts, including one of the most important vehicle auction companies in Europe.

Advantages and key business attributes:

- portfolio of stable and constant customers

- renowned business, with solid experience, with a positive and ascendant history

- the existence of a professional team

- park consisting of new trucks, in very good technical condition

- solid financial performance - in recent years the business has generated a turnover of 2,000,000 eur / year.

- notoriety on the car transport services market - manages a flow of 100 cars / week.

- the volume of used cars on the Romanian market represents 75% of the total number of registered cars. In 2020, the company collaborated with approximately 250 customers, providing transport services.

Location and operations:

For the transport department of this transport company for sale, a 3-station office is used, in which the activity of organization, dispatching, travel planning, statements, document management, issuing invoices, etc. is carried out. and which is located inside the company's headquarters. It is a detached office, equipped with the ICT equipment necessary to carry out the activity.

A service hall was built for the repair and technical management of the truck fleet. The hall is equipped with 2 repair posts and with various inventory objects necessary in the verification / repair processes. This hall is located opposite the headquarters and measures 250 square meters. For the parking of the trucks on the return from the race or in different situations when they are stationed, a platform-type land was rented, with an area of ​​1500 sqm.

The activity is not a seasonal one, the business being active all year round, with weekly transports. The 3 people who manage the drivers work full time. The company has no debts to the state budget or suppliers.

The value of this proposal is 1,625,000 euros and includes both the stock of cars, customers, suppliers, employees, authorizations, etc. as well as the transfer of activity.

The seller will provide the new owner with the necessary support and know-how for a period of 3-6 months, allowing for him/her to take over the business in optimal conditions.

The buyer of this transport company for sale will benefit from a strategy and a business plan that have proven to be successful, plus coaching and advanced knowledge in the field.

Informații detaliate

Business established on 2007-01-01
Financing of the seller/banks Yes, if necessary
Goodwill 500000
Inventory included in the price Yes
Approximate inventory 7335513
Support and training Yes
Number of employees 13
Turnover from previous years 8503177
Sale reason Changing the generation of the company's management and re-analyzing the business strategy.