Profitable Business for Sale - Storage / Exposure Efficient Solutions

Profitable business for sale Romania
City : Bucharest
County : District 2
Selling price : 5000000
Annual profit : 2861101
Annual turnover : 17299091
Total Real Estate Equity : 255000

We hereby present you a profitable business for sale - a company that sells and delivers a wide range of storage solutions, as well as cashier furniture for commercial and industrial spaces, telescopic scaffolding and multifunctional stairs. The business has been active for over 10 years.

The team of specialists prepared to offer the best advice in the arrangement of commercial spaces is working with a wide range of products: metal shelves, furniture and equipment for grocery stores, tables for cash registers, trolleys (supermarket trolley, shop trolley, freight trolley), accessories for shops, mini-markets, supermarkets or for retail networks at affordable prices.

The portfolio of this profitable business for sale exclusively includes a wide range of high quality products with innovative designs, manufactured according to European standards with TUV EN ISO certificates, in fully automated lines, in factories located in countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, and Turkey.

Of the company's products, we hereby mention metal shelves for stores and warehouses, shelves for archiving, commercial shelves, modular shelves for food stores and many other models of shelves. Regardless of the profile of the store, there is a need to store the products that are sold in that space. There is a wide variety of commercial shelves, all very useful in a store.

The company has been operating for over 10 years in a long-term leased space.

The stock of goods is stored in an adjacent space, also rented.

This profitable business for sale has an important presence in the online environment, customers having the opportunity to purchase products sold in this way.

Detailed information

Business established on N/A
Financing of the seller/banks No
Trademark N/A
Goodwill N/A
Inventory included in the price N/A
Approximate inventory 5000000
Support and training Yes
Number of employees 17
Turnover from previous years 14447087
Sale reason Other business interests