Textile and knitwear factory

Textile and knitwear factory
Expert broker de afaceri - Corina Mihalcea
Business broker
Corina Mihalcea
București - Romania
+40 737 963 900
Selling price: 270.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 138.889 EURO
Real Estate Value 0 EURO
Operating profit (EBITDA) 80.598 EURO
County / City: România
Country: Romania

Short description

Profitable business, unique on the Romanian market: textile and knitwear factory.

Although in recent years the production has been mainly focused on knitwear, the company has machinery and qualified personnel for the production of textile garments as well. Production can adapt very easily according to market demands.

Products and Services

The factory produces quality knitwear, both under its own brand and for other companies with a reputation in the field.

The uniqueness of the business lies in the fact that combined garments can be made, harmoniously combining the elements of textile garments with knitwear, resulting in modern and high-effect products. The production can easily be adapted for both large and small series, customised according to customer requests.


More than 50 % of the production is destined for export, and a significant part is made up of the range of products sold under their own brand through an online store.

Tangible and intangible assets

Over time, the company has participated in numerous specialised fairs (including Paris) and is part of international organisations, which certifies quality recognition.

The factory owns specialised equipment for both knitwear production and textiles. The creation of the models is carried out in the company, and the qualified and faithful staff is a real help in the development of this business. With the sale of the business, the following will be transferred: own brand, online store and long-term contracts with external customers.

To significantly reduce production costs, the company is in the process of installing a system of photovoltaic panels.

Market and development potential

The company started manufacturing textiles 20 years ago, being one of the most trusted and professional in the textile industry.

Product quality, diverse range and adaptability can really help develop this business, both in Romania and in the EU. At european level, there is a tendency to direct production from the textile industry to small series of products, and this company is perfectly adapted to this market demand.
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Detailed information

Business established on 2003-03-01
Turnover from previous years 116.663 EURO
Trademark 0 EURO
Goodwill 0 EURO
Seller/bank financing 0 EURO
Approximate inventory 60.000 EURO
Inventory included in price No
Number of Employees 12
Support and training Yes
Reason for sale Retirement

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