Supplier of screen printing inks

Supplier of screen printing inks
Transeo Deal Club
Deal Club
Brussels - Belgia
Selling price: 500.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 180.000 EURO
Real Estate Value N/A
Operating profit (EBITDA) N/A
County / City: Antwerp
Country: Belgium

Short description

Supplying screen printing inks, equipment, and all supplies needed for companies printing or transferring T-shirts or analog textiles. B2B market.
Activities are spread over 3 companies (code names A and B) + a patrimony company.

A. Strong R&D development towards environmentally friendly and water-resistant inks, various color and transfer products, lines, cleaning products, etc.
B. Sales of a wide range of supplies for screen printing, and transfer products including DTF, emulsions, films, plastisols, and all kinds of small materials.

A. Share knowledge and R&D through the separate set-up of elaborate websites and a more active customer market approach
B. Further strengthen the strong market knowledge, more active and relational contacts meet the market of buyers of the products
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Detailed information

Business established on N/A
Turnover from previous years N/A
Trademark N/A
Goodwill N/A
Seller/bank financing N/A
Approximate inventory N/A
Inventory included in price N/A
Number of Employees 3
Support and training N/A
Reason for sale N/A

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