Sweet Business- Laboratory, Confectionery, Patisserie

City : Brasov
County : Brasov
Selling price : 1035000
Annual profit : 52597
Annual turnover : 1049487
Total Real Estate Equity : 550000

This business was initiated by passionate people who wanted their idea to become real and they believe in it until the end.

The pastry shop is a business that can make a profit of over 20-30% of the turnover after the first year of operation. If the pastry chef is a professional and complies with the rules of the market economy, the percentage of growth can be very high.

Credibility, competence, courtesy of services, unique recipes and impeccable products are among the many qualities that define this business.

The activity takes place in a 260 sq m space, with an excellent location in the center of Brasov, and consists of a laboratory, a retail space, and storage facilities. These determine the major business advantage, namely the fresh assortment of products available at any time.

The business has about 30 years of activity and a major adjustment to the market economy, a commercial location of ​​60 square meters and 30-40 dining places. "People love to come here, whether they are permanent or in transit."

With management experience, 12 dedicated employees, and a well-defined source of supplies, customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of the business itself. Thus, customers across the country have become accustomed to the products offered, becoming even "addicted" to them.

Confectionery and pastry are interconnected fields that complement one another. The products are produced with the same equipment, the laboratory being equipped with:

  • central heating and connection to all utilities
  • mixers, confectioners, Trivoli & Moretti ovens, pastry refrigerators, ice makers
  • hot showcase, glass showcase, washing machines, oven trays
  • sliding work tables with drawer,s refrigerators, storage cabinets
  • kitchen robots, cooking machines, electric hood
  • other equipment and specific furniture for storage, trade and offices
  • recipe nomenclature

Take advantage of this business that will bring you the pleasant surprise of success in a world of sugar and chocolate!

Informații detaliate

Field of activity Alimente și restaurante
Business established on 1991-06-04
Number of employees 12