Elevator Service Company for Sale in Bucharest, Romania

elevator service for sale Romania
City : District 5
County : Bucharest
Selling price : 1850000
Annual profit : 1375765
Annual turnover : 4933085
Total Real Estate Equity : N/A

From its inception until now, this elevator service company for sale has seen a steady increase in the number of customers. Relevant for measuring the degree of satisfaction is that none of the beneficiaries gave up the services contracted over the years, the company enjoying a solid reputation.

Due to the professionalism of elevator installation services, certified by numerous accreditations, but also of the services of maintenance and periodic revisions of installed elevators, unparalleled in terms of costs, technological rigor and operation, the company has developed lasting relationships and partnerships with both the beneficiaries of the services, as well as with their suppliers.

The elevator service company for sale has all the necessary accreditations to carry out the elevator service activity. The company also has the expertise and technical equipment needed for complex interventions.

In addition, the company consists of teams of employees specialized in this field. The total number of employees is 40.

The elevator service company for sale is headquartered in Bucharest, and it also has several offices in nearby cities.

Financial information:

Detailed information

Business established on N/A
Financing of the seller/banks No
Trademark N/A
Goodwill N/A
Inventory included in the price Yes
Approximate inventory 3678999
Support and training Yes
Number of employees 40
Turnover from previous years 5317322
Sale reason Retirement