Grocery Store and Online Shop for Sale in Romania

Grocery store for sale Romania
City : Slobozia
County : Ialomița
Selling price : 255099
Annual profit : 295784
Annual turnover : 2864323
Total Real Estate Equity : 221000

General description

This business represents an investment opportunity in the field of retail, with two components: proximity market with a physical presence, located in the town of Slobozia (Ialomița county, Southeastern Romania) and an online store, with local delivery service. Even if we face the threat of a major financial crisis in Romania, the food retail market will be among the few sectors that see a growth this year. This type of retail activity is therefore a stable component of the economy, even in the most economically difficult times.

This grocery store for sale has been present on the market since December 2016, being based exclusively on a local clientele (for the physical store), a very good commercial ford and a continuous increase in sales. Profitability is evident in the sales reports, which show a growing dynamic thanks to the online market, with its own delivery service, extending the range of customers throughout the city and a radius of 40 kilometers around it.

Annual EBITDA: 373,982 lei

Location / Facilities

The business is sold together with the commercial space allocated to the activity, it has all the necessary authorizations, being arranged on the ground floor of a block of flats, on the main street, completely renovated, and registered as a legal entity. The facade is made of alcobond, does not require any renovation, currently the space is fully functional and equipped. The space covers 130 sqm, the facade stretches for 10 linear meters along the sidewalk of the main street, is surrounded by blocks of flats in a residential area, with heavy pedestrian and car traffic.

The selling price for a building with the destination of commercial space in this area of ​​the city is between 1700 and 2000 euro / sqm.

Some of the main features are: 6-door refrigerator with state-of-the-art external motor (quiet and tropicalized), large vertical display case for dairy products, sausages. etc., also with an external engine (quiet and tropicalized), stainless steel refrigerator with 3 doors, glazed AHT freezer boxes, front office and back office management system from Magister Software, system approved by Megaimage and Metro, through the franchise „La Doi Pași”.

The management system can instantly provide any sales report, number of customers, suppliers, sales schedule and much more, thus giving the future buyer a clear picture of the history and profitability of this business from its inception to the present, as well as a huge help in making business management decisions. Small examples: prices can be changed instantly (the system automatically employs the necessary reports and documents), the system can change the staff work schedule accordingly to the busiesit hours, the program can comprise the list of orders for supply of goods, calculating sales history and stocks in real time, can integrate customer loyalty cards, shows profit margins on each item, etc. All this management software integrates with orders from the online store on the same stock as in the real store, thus creating two businesses in one, with two types of customers, so there is no need for a separate stock for online orders, therefore reducing the risk of expiration and degradation of products. The management system is approved by the Romanian Financial Authority.

In addition to the excellent location and long-term income, the property that ensures the functionality of this business has the following characteristics:

  • air conditioning;
  • gas central heating;
  • specific compartmentalization for commercial activities;
  • parking spaces in front of the premises;
  • arranged sanitary group;
  • automated video surveillance system.

The activity has been constantly evolving, the current owner managing to permanently enrich the list of customers, with the onset of the pandemic and new conditions, overcoming the restrictions and market contractions by developing the online store with door2door delivery, which is still in its infancy and in full process of customer absorption.

In terms of product delivery, this is done through well-established and time-tested work processes, with a car purchased under a leasing system (Opel Combo Van L2H1 from 2020), equipped with a cooling system for product safety.


Advantages and key attributes of the online store: increasing sales and the number of customers, it is the first and only online store in the area (currently has no competition in this segment). Included in the management system of the physical store (currently operating separately from it), it will use the same stock of goods, thus eliminating the risk of expiration or degradation of goods, compared to the use of a special warehouse dedicated to the store online.

Details about the transition

The current owner wants to retire and, in order to facilitate the transfer of the business to a new entrepreneur, dedicated and cable, is willing to offer 3 months of training and support, in order to facilitate the knowledge transfer and provide advice on the operation of the business. The business also has qualified staff, which will help facilitate the transition of the new owner, who easily manages to continue the activity, without the need for major changes.

The stock of goods is worth about 50,000 euros.
The business is sold without stock of goods or, on request, it can invoiced with the purchase price.

The asking price shown for this business does not include VAT. VAT will be added to the billing.

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Detailed information

Business established on 2016-12-01
Financing of the seller/banks No
Trademark N/A
Goodwill N/A
Inventory included in the price No
Approximate inventory 246500
Support and training Yes
Number of employees 4
Turnover from previous years 2631514
Sale reason Retirement