Profitable Multisport and Fitness Center in Brasov

Profitable Multisport and Fitness Center in Brasov
Business Broker Expert
Sergiu Ivan
Vrancea - Romania
+40 768 303 833
Selling price: 70.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 67.222 EURO
Real Estate Value 0 EURO
Operating profit (EBITDA) N/A
County / City: Brașov
Country: Romania

Short description

A growing business, dynamic and profitable.

Products and Services

This is a multi-sports center located in a very good location, easily accessible, with generous parking (over 30 spots). There are also contracts signed with numerous companies, which offer employees unlimited access cards. Moreover, the location has a large number of loyal individual customers.


The sustained marketing, especially through Facebook, has made the center very popular in the area, and the multitude of appreciations have led to a constant improvement of the services, thus attracting many new customers.

Tangible and intangible assets

The sports center consists of:

- Aerobic room
- Gym
- Spinning room
- 2 Squash Rooms
- 4 changing rooms

All spaces are properly equipped. The sports center covers an area of ​​1200 square meters and opened in 2012, being active at the moment. Also, the business has benefited from 2 major extensions/developments during the 8 years of operation.

Market and development potential

This business is a dynamic one, with a high potential for development, especially suited to sports lovers, but not only.
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Detailed information

Business established on 2022-11-18
Turnover from previous years 48.416 EURO
Trademark N/A
Goodwill N/A
Seller/bank financing 0 EURO
Approximate inventory 3.000.000 EURO
Inventory included in price N/A
Number of Employees 2
Support and training Yes
Reason for sale separation of shareholders

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