Promoted business for sale

production factory
Selling price : 1200000
Annual profit : 19675
City : Carei
County : Satu Mare

We propose to buy a business that is based on innovative solutions in the field of industrial heating, with over 25 years of experience in the field.

Main areas

Furniture factory for sale Romania
Selling price : 1850000
Annual profit : 54515
City : Timișoara
County : Timiș

  • Business description

    • Mature business, with uninterrupted activity since its establishment, located in western Romania, close to the border with Hungary.
    • The business has…
Business for sale in Romania - production of protective foils
Selling price : 5500
Annual profit : N/A
City : Bistrița
County : Bistrița Năsăud

The protection foil company was established in January 2022 in order to optimize a cumbersome service, turning it into an easy…

Business for sale - mask production Romania
Selling price : 300000
Annual profit : 235117
City : N/A
County : Dolj

Established in 2017 through the Strat-Up Nation program, this business for sale applied in May 2020 to the Regional Operational Program - ROP 2.2 - Supporting the creation and expansion…

Jewelry for sale Romania
Selling price : 90000
Annual profit : 4354
City : Piatra Neamț
County : Neamț

We present a jewelry for sale: a profitable business in a niche field, with a special creativity - the manufacture of jewelry and similar items from metals and precious stones…

PVC panels factory for sale
Selling price : 7142000
Annual profit : 2718456
City : N/A
County : N/A

Business overview

The company shown in this offer represents a true quality benchmark in the segment of aluminum doors, ornamental panels made of PVC, HPL, simple insulating glass or…

Fabrică de mobilă
Selling price : 660000
Annual profit : 507880
City : N/A
County : N/A

The furniture factory for sale has had a constant activity for over 30 years, does not carry any debts and is up to date with the payment of taxes and…

Foundry for sale
Selling price : 1100000
Annual profit : 350000
City : N/A
County : N/A

With a market presence of almost 30 years, the only producers in Romania on certain landmarks, the iron and non-ferrous foundry in Transylvania is looking for a buyer. All the…

Leather workshop for sale
Selling price : 20000
Annual profit : 2774
City : Brașov
County : Brașov

The handmade natural leather products have a special charm and a large audience in Romania. Thus, we propose for investment a leather workshop for sale, located in Brașov, with a…

Online Store and Metal Workshop for Ornamental Products for Sale in Bucharest, Romania
Selling price : 67300
Annual profit : 19607
City : Sector 2
County : București

We hereby present you a metal workshop for sale, located in Romania, currently in the development stage, which produces decorative, ornamental metal products and cardboard boxes. The company has been…