Online business biodegradable packaging

Online business biodegradable packaging
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For Sale By Owner
Bogdan Dumitrache
Selling price: 98.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 181.404 EURO
Real Estate Value 0 EURO
Operating profit (EBITDA) N/A
County / City: Brasov
Country: Brasov

Short description

Turnkey business for sale (online store + domain + registered brand OSIM) -
The store has been operating for more than a year on the online market for biodegradable packaging, being present and listed in the list of the main distributors currently present on the online market.
In the first 12 months we conducted an intense and continuous campaign in the Google Ads area, so we also achieved in parallel a very good organic increase in the visibility of the domain owned. A Brand registered with OSIM with full rights on its use both online and through all means of communication for the sale of products.
Why is it worth taking over our business? In the first year of operation we believe that we have managed to regulate and correct all the syncopes of a business that is at the beginning of the road, so that the risks and uncertainties of a business started from scratch are eliminated. We managed to make room in the market and get a place in the list of the main distributors present on the market. The store is now ready to operate with a high degree of automation.
What are we looking for? We are looking for people interested in taking over our business. We are open to direct sale, exit, full surrender of the company or surrender of commercial rights to the online store, brand and registered trademark OSIM. We undertake to continue to provide support and advice in the process of managing the store or marketing area, if requested.
If the information presented by us is of interest and other information is also wanted, please contact us.

Products and Services

Online shop biodegradable packaging + Brand.
The products sold in the store meet the current demand on the packaging market and comply with the legal regulations, being products that have biodegradable packaging certification. The products sold are consumable products, and this makes the demand guaranteed a repetitive one if we are talking about a single customer or a continuous demand, without periods when demand is lacking, because we analyze the market dynamics.


What did we do in the first 12 months of operation? The shop has 583 products We have registered and honored over 3,600 orders. Customer database with registered account in our store: 3,550 customers. Integration with Marketplaces. Repetitive customers: 340 customers, their orders amounted to an average sales value of about 45,000 lei/month and this value is increasing. High degree of customer satisfaction proven by the large number of positive reviews within the store. Turnover in the first 12 months of operation: Approx. 180,000 euro without VAT. Card receipts 15%-20% of total orders. The estimated turnover for 2023 is 350,000 euros without VAT. Trade mark: 36% - 50%. In the online environment, the SEO area has been very well developed, so we have our products and categories present on the first and second page respectively in organic searches in Google.

Tangible and intangible assets

The online store was created on one of the most powerful and secure online sales platforms. This also comes with benefits related to ease of administration and configuration of the online store. Any person with or without experience in the field will be able to handle and manage information or changes within the store. The store has integrated stocks from suppliers, updating is done automatically, so you avoid unpleasant and unprofitable situations such as canceled items due to lack of stock or insufficient stock. Also, the store has integrated with the courier’s work platform, automatically all the necessary documents will be generated for delivery and you will have instant access to any delivery information. Within the store you have implemented and automated billing program, making it very easy to manage accounting/financial information.
In the sale package you benefit from ongoing contracts with freight suppliers, with advantageous commercial conditions.

Market and development potential

The field of biodegradable packaging is booming. The new legal regulations in force require the placing and use on the market only biodegradable packaging!!! There is the possibility of expanding the range of marketed products and the customer portfolio, keeping the eco line of the business. We operate in an area where, at the moment, the market demand is much higher than the supply, so that large margins can be used for commercial addition.
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Detailed information

Business established on 2023-02-02
Turnover from previous years N/A
Trademark N/A
Goodwill N/A
Seller/bank financing 0 EURO
Approximate inventory 0 EURO
Inventory included in price Yes
Number of Employees N/A
Support and training Yes
Reason for sale Not specified

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