Online store for sale - import and distribution of children's items

online store for sale children's items
City : Otopeni
County : Ilfov
Selling price : 250000
Annual profit : 232257
Annual turnover : 1650550
Total Real Estate Equity : N/A

We present you exclusively on our platform an online store for sale, specialized in the import and distribution of children's items. The online store is operated through three different websites. One operates in a B2B manner and dropships items to other online stores, and two are addressed to parents of children between 0-7 years.

The online store for sale is a family business, having a sole partner and administrator and has a market presence of over 10 years. The commercial activity is carried out exclusively online, which allows the new owner to take over and manage the business from any locality in the country or even outside Romania. The business is successfully managed by 3 employees, the small need for staff being an asset in the challenging conditions faced by employers in terms of human resources.

The development of the business followed 3 important directions:

  • creation of their own websites as a unique platform by the company's employed software engineer. Their maintenance and automation (order scanning, automatic invoice and AWB issuance, real-time stocks, pictures with detailed descriptions of each product), integration of new technologies (API for distributors and marketplaces), live chat support .

  • selling on local and international marketplaces. The business is among the top 50 online stores listed on the eMag Marketplace, which meant its presence on the market in Hungary and Bulgaria. The account can be transferred to the new owner.

  • The implementation of dropshipping has generated B2B contracts with over 100 online stores. The customer list is transferable to the new owner.

As a direct importer, the business administrator has created a quality professional relationship with suppliers, becoming the sole importer for certain brands, and in 2020 he became the owner of a registered trademark of products, which generated profit in a short period of time.

E-Commerce is a field with a growth of 30% in 2020 compared to 2019 and with a significant potential for development in the future. An online store for sale, functional and which generates annual profit, which addresses parents, is one of the market niches that constantly generates new customers; customers who want to offer their children the best items for their safety, pleasure and harmonious development in the first years of life. That is exactly along the line with the products sold by this online store! In addition, the development of B2B e-commerce ensures high sales volumes and trademark promotion, with benefits for differentiation from the competition.

The business is sold in full: the company paying VAT with the 3 sites, the registered trademark, lists of suppliers and customers, stocks and the owner facilitates the transmission of know-how for a period of 3 months.

Informații detaliate

Business established on 2010-04-19
Financing of the seller/banks No
Trademark 27000
Goodwill N/A
Inventory included in the price Yes
Approximate inventory 517528
Support and training Yes
Number of employees 3
Turnover from previous years 860873
Sale reason Change of field of activity