Moroccan leader of CRM services and loyalty programs

Moroccan leader of CRM services and loyalty programs
Transeo Deal Club
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Brussels - Belgia
Selling price: 17.000.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 3.000.000 EURO
Real Estate Value EURO
Operating profit (EBITDA) EURO
County / City: N/A
Country: Monaco

Short description

Moroccan leader of CRM services and loyalty programs launching a disruptive fintech platform that aims to consolidate loyalty points exchange on several African countries.

The company is a leader in Morocco and Africa in loyalty and CRM programs. It is a subsidiary of a French listed entity. It has a proven successful track record and a high level management team. The company has developed and is launching an innovative and disruptive FINTECH project consisting of a digital platform aiming to consolidate loyalty points at the level of the African continent. At this stage, the project is tuned, the technology is already developed (digital platform through blockchain) and the team (operational and management) is in place. The project needs 5 million euros to be financed and launched. This amount will essentially be used for marketing and communication expenses in accordance with a detailed program.

At this stage, we already have agreements with investment funds and need to complete our round table. The accepted evaluation of the company is around 17 million euros.
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Detailed information

Business established on 2023-05-12
Turnover from previous years EURO
Trademark EURO
Goodwill EURO
Seller/bank financing EURO
Approximate inventory EURO
Inventory included in price N/A
Number of Employees 40
Support and training N/A
Reason for sale N/A

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