Bakery for Sale , with Laboratory, in Bucharest, Romania

Bakery for sale in București
City : Sector 5
County : București
Selling price : 80000
Annual profit : 4000
Annual turnover : 302738
Total Real Estate Equity : N/A
  • Special opportunity: bakery for sale in Bucharest, Drumul Taberei neighborhood

    The bakery is located in an area with great potential for development, just a 3-minute walk from the subway and in the immediate vicinity of 5 schools. The business is sold together with professional equipment worth € 40,000 and the fully equipped space.

    The bakery for sale is located on the ground floor of a building, has a usable area of ​​60 square meters and is functional with a complete production line and store. The space is rentend out, on a contract which can be extended in the long run. The rent level is extremely advantageous. It has 2 entrances and a bathroom for staff.

    The bakery is differentiated from the rest by the ingredients used, these being 100% natural. Thus, the bakery offers its customers products prepared with butter, Belgian chocolate, fresh eggs, fatty milk, flour brought directly from the mill, Transylvanian hard cheese and natural cream, 100% natural ingredients, without additives or baking powders.

    The equipment included in the offer are:

    • electric oven with 1 trolley for 18 trays 600x400mm, leavening cell with a capacity of 50 kg
    • set of equipment and accessories consisting of:
      • table with polyethylene top,
      • electronic scale,
      • aluminum trays - 27 pieces,
      • 2 cash registers, with drawers and scales for sale for each,
      • 2 showcase-type refrigerators,
      • 2 coolers,
      • 1 electric oven at 220w - Franke brand,
      • 3 food processors,
      • 2 electric cutters,
      • 1 microwave,
      • 1 mobile sink.

    The furniture in the store is made of fir wood.

    This bakery for sale has the following authorizations: veterninary approval, public health certification, fire safety, permits from the City Hall, deratization contract, salubrity contract, neutralization.

    Cuptor electric rotativ, cu 1 carucior pentru 18 tăvi 600x400mm, celulă de dospire cu o capacitate de 50 k
  • set echipamente și accesorii format din:
    • masă cu blat din polietilenă,
    • cântar electronic,
    • tăvi din aluminiu - 27 bucăți,
    • 2 case de marcat, cu sertar și cântar pentru vânzare pentru fiecare,
    • 2 frigidere tip vitrină,
    • 2 răcitoare,
    • 1 cuptor electric la 220w marca Franke,
    • 3 roboti de bucătărie,
    • 2 tocătoare electrice,
    • 1 cuptor cu microunde,
    • 1 chiuveta mobilă.

 Mobilierul din magazin este realizat din lemn de brad.

Această brutărie de vânzare deține următoarele autorizații: DSV, DSP, Pompieri, Primărie, contract DDD, Salubritate, Neutralizare.

Informații detaliate

Business established on 2017-07-03
Financing of the seller/banks Nu
Trademark N/A
Goodwill 40000
Inventory included in the price Yes
Approximate inventory 40000
Support and training Yes
Number of employees 3
Turnover from previous years 69451
Sale reason Other business interests