Exclusive Bridal Gown Salon

Exclusive Bridal Gown Salon
Business broker
Vlad Crisan
Cluj-Napoca - Romania
+40 741 036 187
Selling price: 64.500 EURO
Annual turnover: 35.019 EURO
Real Estate Value 0 EURO
Operating profit (EBITDA) 10.357 EURO
County / City: Timisoara
Country: Romania

Short description

The exclusive bridal gown salon located in the heart of Timisoara city embodies the passion for female beauty and elegance.

Established in 2016 with the aim of offering each bride a unique experience, the salon stands out through elegance and style, presenting a meticulously selected collection of bridal gowns from internationally renowned designers, some of whom are exclusively represented in the European market through the salon.

Over its 8 years of existence, the salon has attracted clients from various corners of Europe, including Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Finland, and Hungary. This international recognition underscores the quality and exclusivity offered by the salon.

There is tremendous potential for expansion, as many of the partner designers are not present in other European countries, providing the salon with a unique opportunity to serve a broader market.

The salon not only offers bridal gowns but also a wide range of accessories and the possibility of expanding its offerings to include evening gowns, footwear, and other accessories for various special occasions, thereby paving the way for new market segments.

Products and Services

The salon offers a spectacular selection of bridal gowns signed by internationally renowned designers, whose distinctive and sophisticated style will captivate clients in the hope of finding the perfect wedding dress for their big day. The products in the salon are creations made of fine and precious materials with an emphasis on details.


The business is fairly simple to run. At the moment the salon operates on an appointment-only basis, so one person can easily manage the entire salon operation.
Current operations include the sale of bridal gowns, but there is significant potential for expanding the product portfolio.

Tangible and intangible assets

The salon's furniture and equipment available for sale.

Market and development potential

The potential for growth is huge, as the partners we work with are not present in many countries in Europe, let alone Romania, and some of them sell their products exclusively through our showroom throughout Europe.

In addition to the bridal gowns and hair accessories that are currently available for sale, the product range can be diversified to target other categories of people (women) attending such events, namely: evening dresses, cocktail dresses, bridesmaids' dresses, bridal footwear, bridal boudoir articles, civil wedding dresses and other accessories suitable for such festive events.

There is also the possibility to purchase the production workshop attached to the salon for a price of EUR 30,000.
This offers a great opportunity to develop your own range of wedding and ceremony dresses.
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Detailed information

Business established on 2016-08-24
Turnover from previous years 25.838 EURO
Trademark 0 EURO
Goodwill 0 EURO
Seller/bank financing 0 EURO
Approximate inventory 40.000 EURO
Inventory included in price Yes
Support and training Yes
Reason for sale Moving to a different city

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