Digital patient supply platform for medical cannabis

Digital patient supply platform for medical cannabis
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An intuitive online platform that innovatively enables patients, doctors, pharmacies and wholesalers to interact effortlessly - through trusted product information, prescription upload, comprehensive product selection with fast delivery, but also through consultation hours for telemedical care.

The capital of another 550,000 euro enables the realisation of a previously non-existent solution for medical cannabis care, initially in Switzerland.

This online marketplace of an innovative patient platform in this emerging market redefines exclusivity - the platform is unique and technically as well as strategically centralised via a central data structure, integrating all important players such as medical professionals, pharmacies and suppliers in a closed system.

So far, there is no comparable or even an efficient and coordinated solution for medical cannabis supply in Switzerland. The experienced team, consisting of leading physicians, technical experts and industry insiders, works closely together to provide the unique seamless integration of medical professionals, dispensaries and patients in a state-of-the-art digital environment via innovative bidirectional interfaces.

A key asset is the strategic partnership with "TB Farming", a renowned Swiss cannabis producer. This partnership brings comprehensive expertise in quality management and guarantees high-quality medicinal cannabis based on the highest quality standards.

The competent founding team has established an extensive network with pharmacies, doctors and manufacturers. All of these partners have the necessary licences for medicinal cannabis in Switzerland. This network strengthens the position of the young company and makes it possible to integrate the platform seamlessly into the existing medical care structure. Carefully prepared business plans are available.

Market: Growing market with growing demand.
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