Business in the production of luxury packaging. Position on the local and European market. Good rate of profit.

Business in the production of luxury packaging. Position on the local and European market. Good rate of profit.
Expert broker de afaceri - Cosmina Sandu
Business Broker Expert
Cosmina Sandu
Brașov - Romania
+4 0755 548 634
Selling price: 982.000 EURO
Annual turnover: 394.009 EURO
Real Estate Value 150.000 EURO
Operating profit (EBITDA) 122.977 EURO
County / City: Brașov
Country: Romania

Short description

Production of paper and cardboard packaging, intended especially for the luxury market.
There are some businesses that come up in the market for sale and you just have to be a part of them. This is one of those businesses. The business is all about designing and manufacturing absolutely beautiful luxury packaging for any number of high-end clients. The process itself is relatively simple, which belies the remarkable end result. These packaging are commonly used in the marketing of jewelry, cosmetics, technology and high-end luxury couture.

Products and Services

The business has as its main object of activity, the production of rigid cased cardboard packaging, intended for the luxury market. Other activities: paper bags and bags,
promotional paper and cardboard, simple and cased boxes, stationery
personalized, special packaging, printing, gold foil services, stamping, screen printing, lamination, etc


Operational since 1993, it has grown organically thanks to its presence at fairs/events abroad and recommendations from customers. The company's partnerships are based on trust and long-term vision, on the seriousness and quality of the products offered. Currently the company works mainly with end customers foreign companies from Switzerland, France, Germany etc. but also internally with advertising agencies, hotels, shops, perfumeries, etc.

Tangible and intangible assets

The objective is to give the buyer 100% of the shares, and the current management will support the transition to the new owners and provide support if necessary. The complete sale of the business includes the value of the building with an area of ​​273 sqm - prepared for storey, as well as the machinery. The equipments are almost 20 years old and in good working condition. It is possible to take over the building with a rental contract at the value of 4 euros/sqm. Other facilities include a center of 3 modern administrative offices on annual lease.

Market and development potential

Optimistic about the growth potential of this business, it can expand relatively easily in the future by expanding certain sectors such as e-commerce, territorial expansion, marketing and innovation. The paper and cardboard packaging industry market has been on an upward trend for the past five years, including during the Covid-19 pandemic. If last year was characterized by large fluctuations, as a result of the shock brought by the pandemic, this year the growth is even more pronounced, with the massive escalation in the demand for raw materials.
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Detailed information

Business established on 2023-05-30
Turnover from previous years 425.048 EURO
Trademark N/A
Goodwill 500.000 EURO
Seller/bank financing 0 EURO
Approximate inventory 330.000 EURO
Inventory included in price Yes
Number of Employees 15
Support and training Yes
Reason for sale Personal

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