Import and Distribution Company for Sale - a Business in the Field of Medical Devices and Cosmetics

distribution company for sale
City : Cluj-Napoca
County : Cluj
Selling price : 3500000
Annual profit : 570010
Annual turnover : 6721010
Total Real Estate Equity : 1500000

We hereby present to you a company with fully private Romanian capital, established in 1994, with an experience of 27 years on the market, whose main activity is the import and distribution of medical devices and cosmetic products.

Currently, this distribution company for sale sells and distributes a wide range of cosmetics and medical devices, through direct deliveries to customers, using its own fleet of transport vehicles. The company operates on the basis of contractual relations with a number of over 500 national partners and over 500 direct customers, including pharmacies, supermarkets, stores. Te company currently has over 480 partner pharmacies.

Also, a clear advantage of this distribution company for sale is the fact that it is the sole importer for several medical and cosmetic products.

Having its own fleet of cars, the company ensures a fast, constant and predictable distribution throughout the country.

Currently, the logistics component of this distribution company for sale takes place in Cluj County, where the factory, offices and central warehouse are located.

Regarding the financial performance of the company, we need to mention the following:

  • the company has a capital of 1,016,240 lei
  • net turnover for the last years of activity has evolved as follows:
    • 2018: 5,513,212 lei
    • 2019: 5,682,564 lei
    • 2020: 6.721010 lei
  • the company's net profit also increased, as follows:
    • 2018: 217,248 lei
    • 2019: 254,199 lei
    • 2020: 570,010 lei
  • number of employees: 11.
  • also, the company has no credits or debts

Related to the real estate component of this distribution company for sale, we mention hereby the fact that the company currently owns a plot of land of 1,120 sqm. Additionally, it has in concession for 99 years another two plots, totaling 900 sqm. Thus, the company has storage spaces of over 900 sqm, offices of over 120 sqm and two apartments, located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the above-mentioned buildings, totaling an area of ​​350 usable sqm.

Informații detaliate

Business established on 1994-05-05
Financing of the seller/banks Yes
Trademark N/A
Goodwill N/A
Inventory included in the price N/A
Approximate inventory 500000
Support and training Da
Number of employees 11
Turnover from previous years 5682000
Sale reason Other business interests