Business for sale: Agricultural Group. Investment opportunity in Romania - Agriculture and Zootechnic Farms

City : N/A
County : Dâmbovița
Selling price : 4000000
Annual profit : 407511
Annual turnover : 3036794

We are hereby showcasing a business for sale: a group consisting of 3 companies, all of which operate in agriculture and pig breeding.

The investment opportunity consists of a group of 3 farms for sale, offered as a group - one farm is a modern pig and / or lamb breeding unit (currently in conservation), and the other two 2 farms are designed for the production of vegetables - especially grain production (corn, wheat, sunflower, barley, green peas).

Regarding the location of this business for sale, we would like to mention here the fact that it is located in a strongly developed agricultural area in southern Romania, about 80 km from Bucharest.

The farms were modernized through funds provided by the European Union from 2007 to 2018, the total investment amounting to 1,478,000 euros.

The current owner of this business for sale is 82 years old and wants to retire, but can continue to work, from a consultant position, for a transitional period, for the benefit of the future buyer.

Related to the technical equipment of the group, the farms have their own 100KvA electrical transformer and internal electricity network, the water supply is located at 60 meters underground level, and there is sufficient water supply to accommodate pig farms and herbicide needs with about 50,000 liters water a day. Gas is available for connection to 500 m from these farms.

There is great potential for the acquisition of additional agricultural land in the area (to be bought or rented), thus extending the current area to ​​about 4,000 ha.

We detail here the main characteristics for 2 of the 3 farms that make up this business for sale:

Farm no. 1

  • Last activity: breeding pigs
  • Current condition: in conservation
  • Area: 1494 sqm (2 large halls)
  • Capacity per breeding cycle: 2000 pigs
  • Annual capacity (3 cycles): 6000 pigs
  • Concrete floor with drain slots that remove manure in a 3500 CBM waterproof tank
  • The feeding is automatic, it has four silos of 20 tons each and a mill with a capacity of 2 tons / hour
  • There is connection with the 3 main silos of 750 tons each, with automatic transport and special impurity cleaning system.
  • Due to extensive automation, the workforce required is minimal (2 people)

Farm no.2

  • Activity: cereal production
  • Current status: fully operational
  • Workable area: 1000 hectares
  • Land owned: 80 hectares (in property)
  • Leased land: 920 hectares
  • The storage capacity is divided between 3 modern PRIVE silos with a combined capacity of 2,250 tons and 2 large halls, each housing about 500 tons - total storage capacity 3,250 tons. The farm also has a piece of pre-cleaning equipment for cereals with a capacity of 75 tons/hour and a fully automated loader/unloader system for cereals;
  • The farm operates with 7 full-time employees and 4 part-time employees
  • 85% compacted agricultural land

Other details about the business for sale

APIA subsidies: currently cover 680 ha, at EUR 152-156 per hectare per year;

Additional subsidy through PNDR for 680 ha, at EUR 7.5 per hectare, per year.

Diesel subsidy for an average of 45,000 liters per year, at 0.31 euros per liter

The cost of renting the land is 500 kg of grain per year, per hectare or cash equivalent;

According to the landowners (the landlord receives subsidies and the tenant harvests) there are 320 ha;

2019 harvest results: 10,800 kg / ha maize - 3,900 kg / ha wheat - 2,500 kg / ha sunflower - 2,600 kg / ha cola - 3,900 kg / ha barley;

Transaction structure

This is a stock transaction;

There are no pending loans, no debts to third parties, the only pending legal issue is the recovery of an amount from a public entity (currently in the execution stage) - all 3 companies are 100% clean from a fiscal and accounting point of view.

The list of equipment (tractors, combines, plows, combine harvesters, etc.) is available on request;

The asking price is 4.0 million euros, negotiable.

Informații detaliate

Field of activity Agriculture
Business established on 1993-04-01
Financing of the seller/banks No
Inventory included in the price N/A
Support and training Yes
Number of employees 9
Turnover from previous years 2060590
Sale reason Retirement