Tatiana SAUTRON performs as an International Business Broker at TradeX, where she leverages her extensive experience in entrepreneurship, financial management, investment opportunities and business development. She is a dedicated professional with experience and a set of key skills that make her a valuable partner for entrepreneurs seeking to achieve their business goals.

Certified Business Coach, Tatiana is a trusted broker for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and sell them in international markets. Throughout her 15 years in business, she has held leadership positions in her own companies, as well as positions as financial coordinator and national program management specialist. Working with foreign donors on international projects has allowed him to significantly develop his organisational skills, communication and negotiation skills, creativity and analytical abilities.

Tatiana is committed to identifying economic potential and exploring it for business performance. Her professional experience, complemented by a natural predisposition towards working with business people, recommends her as an efficient, energetic and ambitious business broker.

Tatiana's confidence is that life is based on human principles and moral values. She believes that a successful outcome starts from positive thinking and strategic planning.