My name is Nicu, I am 49 years old, married, one child (a 17-year-old young lady). I have a bachelor’s degree in law. I have worked almost 10 years in sales, in different positions in 4 multinational companies, in FMCG field, and since 2006 I have worked in banking. Until May 2018, I worked in three major banks in the market (BT, Volksbank, BCR), where I primarily dealt with corporate clients and managed various local and regional units, both small and large. In 2018, I transitioned to entrepreneurship, attempting to put into practice a concept I had long been contemplating, like a One Stop Shop for financial services. I offer services to both individual and corporate clients, including credit brokerage, insurance, and consultancy for companies in obtaining loans or other financial products from banks. I have two franchises: Kiwi Finance for loans and Safety Broker for insurance (both franchisors are market leaders in the field). 
Additionally, since 2018, I have gained experience in implementing projects funded by the European Union, working in various positions within a consultancy firm and an NGO. Furthermore, I have implemented two projects for the companies I own.

As for my hobbies, I enjoy traveling, spending time in nature, music, and swimming (a sport I pursued competitively for 15 years). This has instilled in me a competitive spirit and a drive to excel in everything I do, always aiming for the top.

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