A polemist as a personality type, entrepreneur from a young age, with experiences in trade and services, with successful projects started from a simple idea and carried out nationally in no time.
I am Marius Petrea and I consider myself a traveler, a good seller, and an increasingly better manager:). I was born an entrepreneur :)
I started my first company at 19 and later I built, sold, and bought several businesses. In my 16 years of experience in entrepreneurship, I have tasted success but I have also seen what problems mean...
At this stage of my life, I am involved in the development of the recruitment company ECIM, a company I founded in 2017, I coordinate the national project Cafe with jobs - a DIFFERENT kind of recruitment event, I am a business broker, consultant in sales systems and marketing strategies, associate and sales director in a few businesses in wholesale and retail trade.
Experience and practice have allowed me to delegate goals properly, recruit people I can count on, and thus build great projects with a real impact on society.
I can support with my expertise and that of the TradeX collaborators, entrepreneurs who want to sell their business (totally or partially), prepare it for the exit, by increasing the value of the enterprise, and last but not least, I make full business assessments, so that the owner becomes aware of the value that his business has brought to the community
I only get involved in those projects where I think I can help, where I find common values, great people, and real opportunities for growth.

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