Mushroom Cultivation – Considered by Many the Business of the Century!

Business ID: 114

Selling (Asking) Price: 280,000.00 EUR

Annual Sales: 1,440,000.00 RON

Total Real Estate Value: 100,000.00 EUR

Annual Profit: 480,000.00 RON

Champignon Elite
Short Description:

Family business possibility

  • You benefit from a legislative framework favorable to small entrepreneurs.
  • Low competition; the demand for mushrooms is 26 times higher than the offer!
  • The materials necessary for producing mushrooms are very cheap and easy to obtain (straw, dung).
  • Get profit fast! You have no less than 5 or 6 crops a year, because the mushrooms yield the highest quantity per square meter!
  • You don’t have to worry about space because you can cultivate mushrooms on overlapping structures!
  • You work with your family!
  • The mushroom market is open throughout the year, but especially during the fasting times!
  • Vegetarians and those who have health problems or want to maintain a good physical shape love mushrooms because they are tasty and healthy.
  • Forget the competition because in Romania, the demand for mushrooms is much higher than the offer!

The mushroom factory

The production unit was built in 2014 from the shareholders’ equity; this is basically a complete new investment made in an existing concrete hall with 4 halls, each with galvanized steel shelves on 5 levels of production with a shelf surface of 240 square meters each and benefits from advanced technology in the production of mushrooms.

The investment is also composed of real estate property as follows:

-Fast refrigeration chamber (15 ‘), standard refrigeration room, casserole packing room, parking dryer, 2 toilets, video surveillance system, alarm, central heating, and compost treatment centers for programs production, automatic watering systems for irrigation, the collection circuit being perfectly adapted to the production cycle through the technological hall for the supply of rooms and access.

  • Virtually all parameters of production: humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration, ventilation speed etc. are automatically controlled by the computer and can be programmed for each cycle.
  • The production unit is in Halchiu village, 10 km away from Brasov city, very close to the bypass belt, with access to the main road through the servitude road.
  • The location allows access to the cash & carry network, hypermarkets, and the vegetables and fruit market.
  • The unit has all necessary utilities: gas, water, canal, and power utilities.

The production is designed to achieve a 100% capacity, an average monthly production of approximately 20,000 kilograms of mushrooms at an average price of 4.5 RON / kg. The average monthly profit in this case is 2 RON/kg, thus a total of 40,000 RON. The numbers above do not contain VAT.

The land area is ​​2100 square meters, and the existing building contains: 800 square meters concrete hall + annexes (office space) and 60 square meters service house (2 rooms).

The business is also sold with the possibility of a separate acquisition of a 2000 square meters surface with annexes, provided for warehousing.

Detailed Information

Field of activity: Output
Business established on: 17-Mar-2014
Seller Financing / Banking: Yes, up to 50% of sale price
Inventory included in the price? No
Number of employees:
Support and training: Yes, as necessary
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