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Location: Brasov, Brasov
Trade-X Business Broker, I have 15 years experience in business management. "The secret of success in a man's life is to be prepared for his chance when it occurs."

Location: Brasov, Brasov
Trade-X Business Broker, Economist Manager, with experience in the field of entrepreneurship, human resources, and business management, 8 years experience in sales and service provider fields, likes to work with people, listen to their wishes, and participate actively at their fulfillment. Personally, she thinks the ideal is to be the right person in the right place.

Location: Brasov, Brasov
I have over 10 years of experience in consulting and financial intermediation. I am a legal practitioner, and I have always considered that behind any successful project there are professional and dedicated people.

Location: Brasov, Brasov
Graduate of Political Science and History at Kent University in the UK. The courses of this faculty put a great emphasis on research, analysis, and statistics - essential for business transfer. He has management experience and is familiar with the field of brokerage, in which he worked for an insurance agency. It can help you switch your business with another, in another field of activity, closer to your interests and heart. For those who are fresh in business, he can help you discover the best business, so that you can start right with this new challenge.

Location: Brasov, Brasov
TradeX's Business Broker, Roxana Bigu, economist, master in Organizational Management, with over 18 years of experience in Sales Management. Considers that seriousness, communication, and solution thinking are the main strengths to achieve success in business.

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